Instant Feedback with Feature Voting

View all customer feedback in one centralized location. Easily prioritize, categorize, and tag. Filter on the most important ideas and plan for impactful feature releases.

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Instant Feedback with Feature Voting

The Benefits of Instant Product Feedback for SaaS Apps
Feedback is an integral part of the product development and management process. It helps identify and solve problems before they get out of hand and allows for continuous improvement. This is why it’s crucial to know how to get feedback from customers. Different types of feedback can be obtained by asking them for their opinion, participation, or just doing some research on your target audience. But what’s the best way to get immediate feedback on a new product? The best way to get instant feedback on a SaaS app is by using product feedback tools like IdeaPlan allows you capture feedback in  real time and provide you with valuable insights.

How to Implement Feature Voting for Your Startup's Development Team
Having a feature voting engine in place will help you with your product development process. It will improve your decision making skills, make it easier to prioritize features, and increase the efficiency of development teams. There are several benefits that come with implementing a feature voting engine in your startup's development process. The main one is the ability to make better decisions when it comes to product development.The most common use cases for this kind of software are digital agencies or startups who have an in-house team of developers in charge of building their company’s products.

What are the Benefits of Using Feature Voting in Your Company?
The benefits of using feature voting can be summed up into two points. First, it improves the customer experience by giving customers the opportunity to voice their opinions about your product. Second, it gives your company an idea of what features are popular so you can prioritize accordingly. This system is a great way to understand customer feedback on a more personal level and gives you the opportunity to create a better product for them. A major advantage of implementing this system is that it lets each customer have their own say in what features they want added or changed on the product they are using.

Idea Tracking

Sort, filter, prioritize, and search across ideas from all your idea boards. Associate statuses, categories, tags, and releases to ideas.

User Trends

Have visibility to user trends. Know what users submitted popular ideas, added comments, and voted.

Feature Voting

All users can vote for any number of submitted ideas. All customers can see the number of votes across active ideas.

User Communication

User communication is central to keeping users up to date with product planning. Respond to comments and email users directly.

IdeaPlan Feature Upvoting

Effortlessly collect user ideas and create a single source of customer truth.

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