Product management glossary

Optimize your product management process, roadmapping, and customer feedback workflow

Product Ops Team Structure

The Product Ops team is an essential part of any organization. It provides structure and guidance to the product portfolio and helps ensure that the team is working together toward common goals. With the right structure in place, Product Ops can help drive success.

In-App Feedback Tools

In-app feedback tools help developers collect customer feedback and issue resolutions quickly. By offering an easy way to provide valuable input, these tools help build better products and enhance customer satisfaction.

Capacity planning

Capacity planning is an essential process for businesses to ensure they have the resources, materials, and staff necessary to meet customer demands. It helps to effectively allocate resources and plan for future needs, enabling businesses to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Product Roadmap Software

Product roadmap software helps teams organize and visualize their projects and goals. It provides transparency and clarity for everyone involved, allowing them to plan, track, and collaborate with ease.


Hypercompetition is an intense business environment where companies are in an ongoing battle to gain an edge over the competition. Companies must constantly innovate and differentiate their products and services to stay ahead.

What Is A Product-Led Organization

A product-led organization is one that places its product at the center of its strategy and operations. It focuses on creating value for customers and differentiating itself through product innovation, customer experience, and data-driven insights.

Feedback Software

Feedback software gives you the tools to capture customer feedback and act on it. Get feedback in real-time and use it to improve your product, customer experience, and overall business success.

How To Do Customer Feedback Management

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to customer feedback management, but some key steps can help you get started. Learn how to collect, organize and analyze customer feedback to make sure your business is on track to success.

Collecting User Feedback

Collecting user feedback is a great way to improve your product or service! We provide an easy-to-use platform that allows you to quickly and easily get feedback from your users so you can make informed decisions and create the best experience for them.

Product Operations Manager

Product Operations Manager provides a comprehensive solution for streamlining product operations. It helps define and implement best practices, optimize processes, and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Feedback Tracking Software

Our customer feedback tracking software helps you collect customer feedback in one place. Get actionable insights to make smarter decisions and improve customer satisfaction. Streamline customer feedback collection today!

Managing Customer Feedback

Gain valuable insights into your customers with effective customer feedback management. Learn how to use feedback to improve customer experience, increase customer loyalty and drive your business growth.

Product Management Roadmap Process

This product management roadmap process helps teams stay organized and on-track to deliver the right product at the right time. It's a step-by-step guide to ensure successful product launches and continuous product improvement.

Canny Io

Canny is a powerful, easy-to-use feedback platform that helps companies build better products. It's the perfect way to collect and organize user feedback, prioritize development, and increase customer satisfaction. Get started today!

Product Roadmap Tool

Product Roadmap Tool: Create and manage your product roadmap with ease. Our tool helps you plan, track, and collaborate on your product future. Quickly align stakeholders and easily visualize your roadmap with our intuitive product roadmap tool.

Gather User Feedback

Gather user feedback quickly and easily with our user feedback platform. Get real-time insights with surveys, polls, and ratings that help you make smarter decisions and build better products.

B2B Feedback Software

Make customer feedback work for you with b2b feedback software. Our software helps you collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback to improve your business processes and grow your bottom line.

Creative Ways To Get Feedback

Creative ways to get feedback for your project or business: learn about innovative tools and techniques to get quality feedback from your customers. Get the insights you need to improve your products and services!

Engineer (software)

A software engineer is someone who designs, develops, tests, deploys, and maintains software systems. They use their technical expertise to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions. They are vital for the success of any tech-driven organization.

Key Roadmap Milestones

Key roadmap milestones are critical stages in a project or product development timeline.

Roadmap Visualization Tool

Our roadmap visualization tool is the perfect way to easily visualize and share your project plans. Our intuitive interface and powerful features provide a simple and easy way to organize, track, and share your plans with your team.

Product Feedback Tools

Product feedback tools help businesses get valuable insights on customer satisfaction. With these tools, businesses can quickly receive comprehensive feedback from customers, allowing them to identify areas of improvement and develop better products.

Capturing Customer Feedback

Capture customer feedback quickly and easily with our automated survey system. Get real-time insights into customer needs and trends to improve your products and services.

Feedback For Saas

Improve customer satisfaction and user experience with our SaaS feedback platform. Easily collect and track customer feedback to identify areas of improvement and increase customer loyalty.

Upvote Downvote

Upvote Downvote is an easy way to get quick feedback on any topic. Get opinions and reactions from friends, family, and the world by simply sharing a post and letting people upvote or downvote it. Share your ideas and get feedback quickly!

Saas Customer Feedback

Collect more effective customer feedback with our SaaS solution! Get more in-depth insights into customer experience and satisfaction with our user-friendly survey platform. Improve your customer relationships today.

Collect Feedbacks

Collect feedbacks from customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders to get valuable insights and pinpoint areas that need improvement. It will also help you gain a better understanding of your target audience!

Planio Pricing

Planio's pricing plans make it easy for businesses of all sizes to find an affordable solution. Choose from Basic, Pro and Enterprise plans to get advanced features, support and customization options that fit any budget.

Differentiation (product)

Differentiation helps businesses stand out from the competition with unique products, services, and experiences. With the right focus on customer needs, differentiating your business can help you build long-term loyalty and sustainable growth.

Customer Experience Roadmap Template

This customer experience roadmap template makes it easy to plan and manage your customer experience initiatives. It provides a step-by-step guide to help you develop a detailed strategy, identify customer touchpoints, and measure success.

Feature Request Tracking Software

Feature request tracking software helps you keep track of customer feedback, prioritize feature requests, and collaborate with stakeholders. Make sure your product meets customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

Track Feature Requests In Trello

Trello's Track Feature Requests board helps you keep on top of customer feedback and stay organized. Easily prioritize requests, assign tasks to team members, and capture customer data - all in one place!

Online Feedback Software

Online feedback software makes it easy to collect, track, and monitor customer feedback. Get real-time insights to help you make better decisions and build better relationships with your customers.

How To Prioritize Feature Requests

Learn how to prioritize feature requests with our step-by-step guide. Discover the best approach for efficiently assessing requests, deciding on priorities and managing stakeholders' expectations.

Feedback Tools

Enhance customer experience and increase engagement with feedback tools. Collect customer feedback and use it to improve product and service quality, customer service, and optimize marketing campaigns.

Feedback Management Tool

This feedback management tool helps you collect and act on customer feedback quickly and easily. It is designed to help you better understand your customers, make data-driven decisions, and drive customer satisfaction.

Product Ops

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