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Product Management Glossary


Annual Recurring Revenue

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is a key metric for understanding the performance of your business. It measures the recurring revenue that your company generates from customers over the course of a year. Use ARR to track and forecast growth, evaluate customer loyalty, and optimize operations.


AnnounceFly is an online platform connecting people to their favorite brands and stores. Get the latest deals, discounts, and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox. Never miss out on a great deal again!

Act On Customer Feedback

Act on customer feedback to improve your business. Use customer feedback to identify areas for improvement, create strategies to address customer issues, and measure the success of your efforts. Maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty today!

A Tool Used To Get User Feedback

Get feedback from real users in minutes with our powerful tool! Our easy-to-use system allows you to quickly identify areas of improvement, create targeted surveys and uncover insights to drive product innovation.

Application Roadmap Template

Discover an application roadmap template to help you plan and execute successful projects. Track tasks, milestones and dependencies, and collaborate with your team to ensure your software product succeeds.

Analyze Customer Feedback

We can help you analyze customer feedback quickly and accurately, so you can make the right decisions to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Get the insights you need in a fraction of the time.

Asana Feature Requests

Asana Feature Requests: Get your voice heard and make your ideas a reality. Share your requests, upvote existing ones and collaborate with others to get your feature implemented faster.

Aha Ideas Alternative

Aha Ideas Alternative is a creative platform that helps you to brainstorm and develop exciting, new ideas to make the most of your creative potential. Get inspired with this user-friendly platform!

Agile Release Train

Agile Release Train is a unique approach to project management that focuses on incremental delivery, fast feedback loops, and frequent releases. This methodology helps teams quickly deliver high-value projects and maintain a sustainable pace of delivery.

Agile Release Team

The Agile Release Team is a dynamic group that works collaboratively to develop, implement, and maintain efficient and successful software release processes. Our goal is to ensure your software is delivered on time, with quality and staying within budget.

Analyze Feedback

Analyze Feedback helps you to quickly and easily get feedback from customers, employees and more. Instantly receive valuable insights to improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Agile Release Trains

Agile Release Trains help teams deliver value to customers faster and with higher quality. They enable teams to work together more efficiently and effectively, delivering releases every few weeks or months. With an Agile Release Train, teams can manage complexity, scale, and accelerate delivery.