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Top 20 Canny.io Alternatives for SaaS Companies

Canny.io alternative should enable SaaS teams to capture customer feedback and help organize, categorize, and prioritize.

 Top 20 Canny.io Alternatives for SaaS Companies

Canny.io alternative should be able to enable SaaS teams to capture customer feedback and help organize, categorize, and prioritize. Once prioritized then added to a roadmap and then launched through a changelog tool.

Preferably, a Canny.io alternative would be more cost effective and provide additional value.

In the list below we highlight a number of Canny.io alternatives based on feature-set, unique advantages, and pricing.

Keeping existing customers happy is the key to scaling and growing any SaaS business. To manage this effectively requires customers to be up to date on feature requests, roadmaps, and the overall vision of the product.

Customer acquisition costs significantly more than keeping an existing customer happy. While the average customer acquisition cost varies by industry, its always more important to increase customer satisfaction and grow your existing customer base.

How to find a Canny.io Alternative

Canny.io has a number of limitations based on user feedback. Some include limited ability to remove branding, lack of a modern user experience, limited search functionality, and overall significant costs increases.

When looking for a Canny.io alternative, you should find a solution that can manage these areas:

  • Custom branding
  • Easy feedback prioritization
  • Simple integrations
  • User friendly roadmap
  • Self-serve installation of embedded widgets
  • Modern user experience

Some feedback management tools in the list below are geared for startups and some for enterprise. Find one that fits the level your business is at today.

Unique Canny.io Alternatives

Impactful and easy to use customer feedback tools can be hard to find. IdeaPlan has created a unique product that combines feedback management, roadmaps, and a branded customer changelog & product launch tool.

20 Feature Request Tools to Consider

There are more than 15 feature request tools available in the market. Here is a list of some useful ones that you can use to manage your product and service development:


Crowdsource user feedback, display idea status, and manage communication across multiple users with IdeaPlan. Entrepreneurs, startup teams, and product managers use IdeaPlan's Product Management Operating System to act on customer feedback and continually improve their products.


A single web-based dashboard that displays all of your projects, tools, and activities. A tool to create new requests. A tool to approve and reject requests. A tool to assign requestors to a project and track the progress of their work. A tool for managing your time spent on each task so you can keep track of how much you are spending on different things at once.


Savio is a feature request management tool with an intuitive user interface and a beautiful design. It’s easy to navigate, making it ideal for beginners.

In addition to the typical features such as idea capture, idea storage, and feedback channels, Savio has a great feature called "Suggestions" that enables you to find ideas from your users in real-time. You can also collect ideas on your website or app using Savio’s API.


Sleekplan is a feature request tool that allows you to collect, organize, and prioritize product feedback from users. This tool also helps you track ideas and assign tasks to your teammates.


Trello is a popular project management tool that has gained popularity among startups and businesses. With Trello, you can create cards with a single click to collect user feedback, feature requests, bugs, and other product feedback.

Feature Upvote

Feature Upvote is a service that’s built to help you collect feature requests. The tool works on both iOS and Android devices.


UserVoice is a feature request platform for gathering feedback from your users. You can create surveys, polls, and questionnaires that let you gather more user feedback on certain features or bugs.

Customer feedback boards and comments are available only to paying customers who have at least one UserVoice account.


ProdCamp is a product management platform that makes it easy to manage your product development and marketing process. ProdCamp helps you get the right products to market faster, manage all of your communication channels, and automate tedious tasks.


UserInput provides the tools you need to get user feedback from the app or website on which you’re working. This can be done through a variety of channels, including in-app and web forms, surveys, email, social media posts, video responses, phone calls, and more.


Usersnap provides businesses with the ability to gather feedback from customers, users, and prospects. It’s free to use on a limited number of websites.

Usersnap allows you to share your website with a customer and ask them questions about their experience.


Nolt allows you to collect customer feedback through surveys and comments on social media. It also provides a dedicated team to manage the data, allowing for faster responses to support requests.


Canny is a tool that helps you keep your website up-to-date with the latest user feedback. The platform makes it easy to collect and analyze customer feedback, and it allows users to create polls, surveys, and product roadmaps.


GetFeedback helps you understand your users' needs. The platform offers a complete user feedback management system with analytics, feature requests, and more.


Noora is a tool for gathering and analyzing user feedback. It’s simple to set up and can be integrated with Slack, Asana, Trello, and many other tools.


Upvoty lets users ask for new features, and the platform displays their requests in a public and private feedback section. Users can vote on each feature request, and Upvoty will notify you when it receives enough votes to implement the feature.


Productboard is a powerful tool that can be used to create and manage product catalogs, sales pages, and deals.


Convas helps SaaS & startups gather and prioritize customer feedback to build better products. Get visibility into what will move the needle for your customers and keep them in the loop.


Understand what your users need, when they need, and ship the right features, fast.  Hellonext's integrated suite of tools give you the power & flexibility to build products your users need - works for startups to enterprises.


Gather prioritized feedback from your customers & teammates - all in one place. Understand what really matters to your business and customers.


Sleekplan is a software development tool used by many software teams to plan, manage and monitor projects. It has afixed price for feature requests which means that it's not as accessible as some of the other options listed here, but itsfeature request system is still very powerful.

Here are the features that are currently being considered for the Sleekplan feature request tool:

-Ability to create and manage feature requests

-Ability to track and manage your feature requests

-Ability to assign and track team members' progress on feature requests

-Ability to view and update project status


FeedBear is a feature request management system that includes tools for users to report issues and submit feature requests.

The platform integrates with GitHub, JIRA, Trello, Slack, Atlassian Confluence and HipChat. FeedBear is a web-based tool that allows you to manage your product development projects and features from one dashboard. It helps product managers and teams keep track of their work across various stages of the product lifecycle.

Which Canny.io Alternative is Best for your Business?

After reviewing all of the Canny.io alternatives, now its time for your team to choose the best option. The best tools will include feedback boards, roadmaps, the ability to view what customers submitted ideas, prioritize ideas, and seamlessly launch new ideas to customers and prospects.

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