15 of the Best Customer Feedback Tools

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How Important Are Customer Feedback Tools?

Customer feedback is a massive part of any business. You need to know what your customers think about your products, services, and company to improve and make the right decisions. Customer feedback tools are designed to help organizations get this information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When it comes to customer feedback, there are three things that matter: quality of data, timeliness of data, and cost of data. Use software that can automatically record customer feedback to ensure that you have good quality customer feedback.

Customer Feedback Tool #1: IdeaPlan.io

IdeaPlan brings clarity around what to build next for startups, product management teams, and engineering teams.  Entrepreneurs, startup teams, and product managers use IdeaPlan's Product Management Operating System to crowdsource, prioritize, and launch features their customers love.

Product teams

Product teams use IdeaPlan to capture customer feedback, prioritize, and manage roadmaps.

Startup teams

Startup teams use IdeaPlan to capture customer feedback, prioritize, and manage roadmaps.

Engineering teams

Engineering teams use ideaPlan to capture customer feedback, prioritize, and manage roadmaps.

Customer Feedback Tool #2: Parlor.io

Parlor.io is a customer feedback platform that lets you track, manage, and analyze all of your customer feedback–and more–from one place.

Through its clean and intuitive interface, Parlor.io makes it easy to:

Collect customer feedback on everything from new product launches to existing products, service issues to company news;

Create surveys with a simple drag-and-drop feature;

Share insights across all your social channels, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp;

Integrate your data into powerful dashboards that allow you to quickly see the trends in customer feedback across different metrics such as growth rate or churn;

Track data over time through detailed reports that let you identify high-impact changes in how customers are interacting with your products.

Customer Feedback Tool #3: Typeform

Best for: product feedback and surveys.

Overview: Typeform is a survey tool that lets you collect and analyze customer feedback in one place. It integrates with your email marketing software (i.e., Mailchimp), analytics platforms (Google Analytics), web chat tools (Zendesk, Intercom), as well as live chat tools like Talkdesk and Parlor.

With its built-in integration with Zapier, you can send pre-populated surveys to users across multiple channels by linking them together using the app's drag & drop features or direct integrations with other apps via Zapier's APIs .

You can also integrate Typeform into your website to generate forms from within an existing page or add

Customer Feedback Tool #4: UserReport

Best for: User feedback.

Overview: UserReport is a simple yet powerful tool that enables you to create surveys and forms within your website in minutes. The platform comes with plenty of templates and drag-and-drop features that make it easy to design your form without any technical knowledge.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Designer templates available
  • Integrates with tools like Google Analytics & MailChimp

Customer Feedback Tool #5: SurveyMonkey

Best for: Web surveys. Surveys can be used as marketing tools, customer feedback, or sales funnels; they are also an excellent way to gather data about what customers think about your product/service.

Customer Feedback Tool #6: Canny

Best for: Surveys & feedback.

Overview: Canny is a customer feedback tool that allows you to create surveys and run them on your website or mobile app. The platform integrates over 40 tools, including Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Kissmetrics. Canny also offers a dashboard feature that lets you track the metrics of your survey responses from within your analytics tool of choice.

Key features:

  • Integrated support for more than 30 platforms
  • Track data in real-time from more than 30 different tools, including Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, ClickTale, Hotjar, Mixpanel, and others.
  • Real-time reporting–Receive instant notifications when users complete your survey so you can understand their experience.

Customer Feedback Tool #7: Podium

Best for: Feature request management.

Overview: Podium is a customer feedback platform that helps businesses capture, analyze, prioritize, and track feedback to plan and prioritize product releases.

The platform allows organizations to collect feedback from multiple channels and organizes those insights into a list that can be used to inform your roadmap. You can also enable customers to post feedback directly from your website or app and vote on the improvements they'd most like to see—making it easier for brands to prioritize the features and fixes that customers care about most.

While Podium is an excellent tool for the feedback collection process, the process for closing the loop with users is entirely manual, and the feedback in Podium is not connected.

Customer Feedback Tool #8: Qualaroo

Best for: Online surveys.

Overview: Qualaroo is a tool that allows businesses to quickly and effectively survey their customers, users, or members about their experiences with the company. Qualaroo integrates with over 100 of the world's most popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Pinterest, and more.

Qualaroo also allows you to create customized questions based on your company's mission and culture—and you can even use proprietary algorithms to analyze the results of your survey responses to determine what changes are needed within your organization.

The platform also includes an email marketing feature that allows you to send targeted emails directly from your website or mobile app based on what users have said they want to hear about from your brand. 

Customer Feedback Tool #9: Bazaarvoice

Best for: Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Overview: Bazaarvoice is a customer feedback tool that allows users to track and manage customer feedback across multiple channels, including phone calls, in-person interactions, online surveys, e-commerce transactions, and social media.

The platform offers a suite of tools designed to help organizations improve their customer experience by managing customer complaints. This includes a workflow engine that allows you to automate processes such as resolving issues or closing cases by using rules & triggers.

Bazaarvoice also provides an automated complaint response system powered by IBM Watson (which can be used to create responses based on machine learning automatically) as well as a predictive analytics dashboard that helps you analyze open & closed cases in real-time so you can determine

Customer Feedback Tool #10: Feedbackify

Best for: Offering a wide range of free and paid services.

Overview: Feedbackify is a customer feedback platform that allows you to collect feedback on your website, mobile app, & product with minimal effort. The platform provides tools such as "Questionnaires" (which can be custom configured to fit the needs of each business). "Q&A" widgets (customizable questions appearing on websites or social media pages) allow you to solicit customer feedback via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, SMS text messages & more.

Key features:

  • Free accounts include unlimited surveys with 1 question per survey. For those who want more advanced features (such as setting up recurring surveys),

Customer Feedback Tool #11: TrustPilot

Best for: Finding and engaging top-quality users to participate in your surveys.

Overview: TrustPilot is a platform that allows you to create and manage customer surveys, as well as engage real customers in meaningful conversations through its built-in chat functionality.

Key features:

  • Simplify survey creation & management
  • Engage customers with live chat & message boards
  • Customize the experience with advanced UI & marketing tools
  • Automatically identify high-quality respondents using AI technology

Customer Feedback Tool #12: Hotjar

Best for: Feedback collection and customer support.

Overview: Hotjar is an in-browser survey tool that allows you to capture and store customer feedback on your website through surveys, which are anonymous and secure. You can then use this data to improve your site's performance and identify potential issues with your content or user experience before they become a problem.

Key features:

  • Track visitor behavior on websites
  • Record & analyze website interactions
  • Capture customer feedback on every page of your site
  • Email notifications when visitors complete surveys
  • Customize & schedule tasks via Zapier (free)
  • Communicate with customers via email, SMS, or voice call (in beta)
  • Analyze results using heat maps & activity reports (in beta)

Customer Feedback Tool #13: Usersnap

Best for: Live user feedback

Overview: Usersnap is a live customer feedback tool that allows users to create surveys, polls, and questionnaires. Some organizations have also used the site to collect feedback on designs before launching a product or service.

Key features:

  • Live customer support via chat, email, and phone
  • Questionnaire creation tools, including Scenario Builder, Survey Maker, and Poll Creator
  • Integration with Facebook Messenger

Customer Feedback Tool #14: GetSatisfaction

Best for: Customer service, product support, and feedback.

Overview: GetSatisfaction is a customer service management platform that enables organizations to improve the quality of their interactions with customers, leading to better user experiences.

The platform has a built-in solution to collect user experience and engagement feedback, including comment forms and surveys. You can also create group discussions around specific topics or questions.

Key features:

  • User question/problem management
  • User satisfaction survey creation
  • Customer support collaboration tool
  • In-app chat functionality
  • Customer reviews & rating system (powered by Yelp)

Customer Feedback Tool #15: Instabug

Best for: Bug reports & feedback, customer support.

Overview: Instabug is a browser-based feedback tool that allows users to report bugs in any website or mobile app with just a few clicks. The service integrates with over 300 third-party apps and can also be used by your team for customer support, marketing research, and other purposes.

Users can log into the platform through their email address and select from a wide range of canned messages pre-written to suit the needs of different situations. These include bug reporting ("I am having trouble accessing this feature"), suggestion requests ("How do I access this feature?")


What are the major benefits of using a customer feedback tool?

There are many benefits to using customer feedback tools, including the ability to gather feedback from many customers quickly and easily. Feedback can be collected in real-time or after the fact, and surveys can be customized to ensure that respondents feel confident providing feedback. Additionally, customer feedback tools can help organizations learn more about their customers' needs and preferences, leading to better products and services.

How do you choose the best customer feedback tool for your business?

There is no clear-cut answer, as customer feedback tools can vary significantly in features and usability. Ultimately, it depends on the specific needs and preferences. A few factors to consider include the type of feedback you want to collect from customers and how easy it is to survey users; whether you need professional or user-generated surveys; and the cost of using the tool.

What features should be included in a good customer feedback tool?

There is no specific answer to this question,  it depends on the needs of the customer feedback tool users and how the organization chooses to manage feedback. However, a customer feedback tool should include features that allow users to share their thoughts and experience with product or service products easily and anonymously. Additionally, the customer feedback tool should provide real-time updates about user sentiment so that team members can take appropriate action.

Are there any drawbacks to using a customer feedback tool?

There may be some things that could be improved to using a customer feedback tool, such as the need for users to commit time and energy to use it. Additionally, feedback tools can sometimes be complicated for customers to use or understand.

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