Feature Request Voting for Product Management Teams

Feature Request Voting for Product Management Teams
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Why Is Feature Request Voting Important for Product Teams?

As a product manager, you need to know the latest trends and what your customers want, but there are only so many hours in a day. You can’t be on top of all the latest developments and details, but it is possible to make a dent in the problem by utilizing feature request voting.

The goal of feature request voting is to give your customers a voice in what you work on next, and it will make them feel like they're more involved in your process too. It also gives you data points that you need for prioritizing features as well as feedback about how customers use those features.

How to Launch a Successful Feature Request Process

Launching a successful feature request process is vital to the success of any product management team. It provides an outlet for customers to voice their concerns and ideas and lets the product team know what features to consider in the future.

It is important that feedback can be submitted while users are in the flow of work. IdeaPlan enables them to submit ideas/suggestions for enhancements without having to exit the app.

3 Steps for Turning Your Customer Ideas into Reality

Step 1: Identify customer pain points

Step 2: Create a solution, add the idea to the roadmap, build the feature

Step 3: Test the solution with your customers

Customer-driven innovation is all about turning customer ideas into reality. Product managers usually take care of this process, but it can be challenging to gather and manage feedback from hundreds of customers. Luckily there are some products/tools that can do all the leg work for them.

What are the Best Tools for Managing Feature Requests in the Market?

The task of managing feedback from customers is a difficult one for many companies. Feedback can help them to direct their product and brand in the right direction, but if they don't know how to handle the feedback, it can turn into a huge and time-consuming mess.

User feedback tools provide a great solution for this problem because they allow companies to collect and organize feedback more efficiently.

Make sure to use your users' feedback to improve your products

It is important to make sure that you are using your user's feedback to improve your products. This way, users will be more likely to continue using your product and will also be more receptive towards the changes you make.

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