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How to Design and Launch a Product Roadmap

Roadmap Is Not a Development Plan

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Introduction to Product Roadmaps

A product roadmap is a tool that serves as a plan for the future development of a product. It provides information on the short-term and long-term goals of the product.

Product roadmap helps organizations to set their goals, manage expectations about features and deadlines, and coordinate team members.

A good way to design a product roadmap is to have informal conversations with stakeholders about their vision for the product. And then develop a list of key features with prioritization, before putting together a high level plan for the next few months or years.

A roadmap is a visual tool that helps stakeholders visualize the product's progress. It also helps them see how the product will be created and what it will consist of. Roadmaps typically include these components: Product goals, strategic initiatives, key features, and releases that deliver on the goals, feature sets, epics, user stories, features, and overall timeline.

Product Roadmap Design Process

A product roadmap is an important tool for any organization. It is used to communicate goals, objectives, and the challenges before them. It also helps in prioritizing which features are more important than others.

An effective roadmap should have all the decisions made so that the team can work in a cohesive manner towards a shared goal. A good product roadmap design process should have three steps - outreach, research, and prioritization.

There are many best practices that can help you build a good product roadmap for your organization - use of personas, empathy mapping, etc.

Playbook for Creating Your Own Product Roadmaps

One of the biggest challenges in creating product roadmaps is identifying what should be prioritized. This is not an easy task because there are so many things that need to be considered before presenting a product roadmap.

A template that includes all the necessary releases and dates will make the task easier. It also helps to have a standardized template for your team to help you stay consistent with your overall look and feel.

Roadmap Is Not a Development Plan

Roadmaps are often conflated with development plans. When you think of the word "roadmap," do you think of a list of due dates?

Roadmaps are meant to be strategic documents that show the steps needed to take in order to reach the goal. They provide insight into possible paths, but they are not meant to be an exact timeline.

A roadmap can also help identify any gaps in your strategy and how it might need to change to address gaps in the product.

What are the Components of a Strong Product Strategy?

A strong product strategy is the foundation of a successful product. A good roadmap helps define the strategy and prevent confusion by setting the vision.

The first thing a product team needs to do before creating a strong product strategy is identify the business goals. This should be done using a SWOT analysis. Once you know what your goals are, you can figure out what aspects of your product needs improvement and plan for them going forward.

Types of Roadmaps

  • Portfolio roadmap
  • Goals roadmap
  • Initiatives roadmap
  • Releases roadmap
  • Epics roadmap
  • Features roadmap
  • Agile roadmap
  • Scrum roadmap
  • Kanban roadmap
  • Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) roadmap


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