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Create a Product Roadmap Template Google Sheets

Create a Product Roadmap Template Google Sheets
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Product roadmaps are critical for product managers, designers, and developers. They help create a shared understanding of the product vision, prioritize new features, and align teams toward a common goal. This blog will explore the importance of product roadmaps and how they can benefit your business. We'll also walk you through the anatomy of a good product roadmap template and show you how to build one using Google Sheets. We'll also review the pros and cons of using Google Sheets for product roadmaps and some popular templates you can use. Lastly, we'll cover alternatives to Google Sheets and how Google Sheets roadmap templates can help impress stakeholders. So, let's get started!

Understanding the Importance of Product Roadmaps

Product roadmaps are essential to strategic plan for product development and implementation. As a strategic planning tool for product managers, they align stakeholders and team members on goals and milestones. Effective project management and resource allocation are made possible through roadmaps.

Role of Product Roadmaps in Strategic Planning

Product roadmaps are essential in product management and strategic planning. They provide a template to prioritize product features and functionality. Roadmaps also help product manager to set specific dates and milestones for product development. Product managers can align their teams and drive successful outcomes by communicating the product vision to stakeholders. The role of product roadmaps in strategic planning is invaluable.

The Anatomy of a Good Product Roadmap Template

A good product roadmap template encompasses a clear visual representation with a timeline of specific dates and milestones. It effectively highlights vital functionalities and features and is easy to understand and share with team members and stakeholders. This ensures that the product roadmap template efficiently communicates the product vision, strategy, and goals to all involved parties.

Key Components of a Product Roadmap

The key components of a product roadmap include four key elements:

A product roadmap helps product managers align their strategies and communicate the product direction effectively. This involves understanding customer requirements, setting achievable goals, using key initiatives, using strategic initiatives, and planning to develop and deliver product features.

How to Build a Product Roadmap in Google Sheets?

Building a product roadmap in Google Sheets is a breeze. Create a new spreadsheet and use columns representing different stages or sprints in the product development process. Add rows for each feature or functionality. It's a simple and efficient way to organize your roadmap.

Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Roadmap in Google Sheets

To create a full-release roadmap in Google Sheets:

  1. Open a new spreadsheet.
  2. Label the columns with the stages or sprints of your product development process.
  3. Add rows for each feature or functionality and fill in specific dates and milestones.

It's an easy and efficient way to plan your business strategy product roadmap.

Examples of Google Sheets Product Roadmaps

Here are a few examples of Google Sheets product roadmaps that you can use as inspiration for your own:

Now Next Later Template - IdeaPlan

Now Next Later Roadmap Template - IdeaPlan

Agile Kanban Board Template - IdeaPlan

Agile Kanban Board Roadmap Template - IdeaPlan

Quarterly Roadmap Template by Product and Initiative - IdeaPlan

Quarterly Roadmap Template by Product and Initiative - IdeaPlan

Quarterly Roadmap Template with Priority and Effort - IdeaPlan

Quarterly Roadmap Template with Priority and Effort - IdeaPlan

Now Next Later Template

Now Next Later Roadmap Template

Agile Kanban Board Template

Kanban Board Roadmap Template

Quarterly Product Roadmap by Product Area

Quarterly Product Roadmap by Product Area

Pros and Cons of Using Google Sheets for Product Roadmaps

Using Google Sheets for multiple teams and product roadmaps offers numerous advantages. It enables seamless collaboration and sharing with team members and stakeholders. Additionally, Google Sheets can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. However, challenges are also associated with using Google Sheets for product teams and roadmaps.

Advantages of Google Sheets for Roadmaps

Real-time collaboration and editing are key advantages of using Google Sheets for roadmaps. With accessibility from multiple devices and locations, it offers flexibility to product managers and other internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Built-in templates and formulas simplify data manipulation, enhancing productivity. Additionally, the cloud-based nature ensures secure data storage and backup.

Challenges with Google Sheets for Roadmaps

Google Sheets for roadmaps may need more advanced features for complex roadmap planning and visualization. Its customization capabilities are limited compared to dedicated project roadmap template tools. Performance can be affected by large data sets, and integrating with other project management tools may have limitations.

Exploring Various Google Sheets Product Roadmap Templates

A wide selection of pre-designed Google Sheets templates is available for product roadmaps. These templates cater to specific industries and project types, offering different roadmap formats such as Gantt charts or swim lanes. Users can download and customize these templates to fit their business objectives and portfolio roadmap needs.

Overview of 'Now-Next-Later' Roadmap Template

The Now-Next-Later roadmap template is a valuable tool for tracking product development progress. It categorizes tasks into three sections: Now, Next, and Later. This visual representation helps your development teams stay organized and provides a clear product roadmap overview. Google Sheets offers customizable templates, including the Now-Next-Later technology roadmap template, to suit specific team needs.

Quick Look at Agile Roadmap Template

Agile roadmap templates allow teams to plan and track projects using an iterative approach. With sections for sprint planning, backlog management, and progress tracking, these templates can be customized to fit specific team needs. Improving collaboration, communication, and productivity help agile teams stay on track. Additionally, Google Sheets allows real-time sharing and collaboration on the same release roadmap template.

Description of List-style Roadmap Template

The List-style Roadmap template offers a simple and effective way to track progress and priorities. It includes a list of tasks or projects with corresponding dates and status updates. Customization of the Excel template is easy, allowing users to add or remove columns as needed. The template facilitates real-time sharing and updates with team members or stakeholders, ensuring the timely completion of essential tasks.

Alternatives to Google Sheets for Building Product Roadmaps

While Google Sheets is a popular choice for building product roadmaps, alternatives are available. Other spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers can be used. Project management tools such as Trello or Asana also offer templates specifically designed for creating product roadmaps. For more robust features and visualizations of your agile team and product roadmap, specialized product roadmap software like Aha! or ProductPlan may be considered. When choosing a tool, it's essential to consider your team's needs and your roadmap's complexity.

How Do Google Sheets Roadmap Templates Help Impress Stakeholders?

Google Sheets roadmap templates offer a visually appealing and professional way to present your strategic themes product roadmap. With a structured format, stakeholders can easily access and download the templates for review and collaboration. Using charts, graphs, and visual elements enhances the readability and impact of the strategy roadmap templates.


Google Sheets provides a convenient and user-friendly platform for creating compelling product roadmaps. Whether you choose the 'Now-Next-Later' template for a visual representation of your roadmap, the Agile template for a more iterative and flexible approach, or the List-style template for a detailed breakdown of tasks and milestones, Google Sheets offers a variety of options to suit your needs. While there may be some challenges with using Google Sheets for roadmaps, such as limited design capabilities or potential version control issues, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. Using these templates, you can impress stakeholders with a clear and organized roadmap that effectively communicates your product strategy and aligns everyone towards the same strategic goals together.

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