Build awesome products by surfacing and prioritizing customer ideas.

Idea feedback boards

Create boards to capture new ideas directly from your customer users. Boards can be named anything, such as 'features' or 'bugs'.

Idea dashboard

Idea dashboard is the central location to search, filter, track, and update all ideas flowing through into IdeaPlan.

Idea Dashboard

Manage ideas, change statuses, prioritize, comment, search and filter.

Customer Feedback Boards

Customers submit ideas and feedback, vote, comment, and view statuses.

Customer Roadmap

Customer facing roadmap showcasing high-level statuses.

Internal Roadmap

Manage a detailed roadmap that organizes customer feedback for your internal development team.

Users & Comments

Users join feedback boards to submit new
ideas, vote, and comment.


Leverage the IdeaPlan API or pre-built integrations.

User communication

Users have the option to submit comments on each idea. These comments can be responded to directly from the Idea dashboard.

Product roadmaps

Manage internal and external product roadmaps based on customer ideas.


We have a robust API that enables custom integrations with IdeaPlan. We're also focused on building out partner integrations like Zapier.

Embedded widget

Gather feedback, display your roadmap, and communicate new product launches directly from your app. Users never have to leave your experience.


Use are API to add or export ideas, comments, users from a 3rd party application.

Announcements & Changelog

Promote new product launches to your customers. Embed images, video, and links.

User Communication

Product Roadmaps

Changelog & Announcements

Customization and Branding



Organize and Prioritize