Our story and purpose

Experience as a Product Leader

IdeaPlan was built from my challenges as a product management leader in startups and large enterprise organizations.  

  • My PM career started at a successful 120-person startup called, Jobs2web.  SAP SuccessFactors acquired the company at the end of 2011.  
  • At SAP, I had the opportunity to lead the Product team responsible for the Jobs2web acquired platform.
  • During my time at SAP, I lived in Germany and was fortunate to work on the acquisition of a French company called, Multiposting.
  • In my roles, I've created countless roadmaps for internal teams, customer-facing presentations, and partner sessions. Always looking at the available tools in the market and never finding an impactful end-to-end Product Management focused platform.

Managing and Prioritizing Customer Feedback

Managing and prioritizing customer feedback across hundreds or thousands of customers is always an uphill battle. A few challenges I've experienced:

  • Customers always want to know when their idea will be prioritized and when it will hit the roadmap.  
  • Organizing, prioritizing, and aligning customer feedback with existing initiatives or roadmap items is only possible with significant processes.
  • Helping customers understand the prioritization process and impact of their idea across the portfolio of customers.
  • Staying aligned across multiple product portfolio teams and providing a consistent view to internal teams, partners, and customers.

Always Wanted More for PM Teams

I've always wanted more from product management apps throughout my career in small and large software organizations. Workflows are disjointed and a poor experience for internal teams and customers.  

  • Jira plus Google Sheets and Google Slides, and Trello is the standard for managing the details and big vision for many product teams. 
  • Customer feedback is in emails, shared documents, or a user feedback tool if we're lucky. Customer feedback can be hard to connect directly with the backlog, sprint planning process, and portfolio roadmap.
  • Incorporating the content from customer support tickets has been very challenging. Manually digging through tickets from multiple teams and then summarizing the main topics. Customer sentiment and intent are lost and hard to extract.

One Product Management Platform

IdeaPlan connects product ideas with customer feedback and the ability to create, prioritize, manage, and share roadmaps. We also have a branded product announcements solution to help promote new launches. 

  • IdeaPlan is one platform to help enable efficiency across product organizations.  
  • Product Managers experience what they expect; they don't have to fit into different workflows or expectations. 
  • Go from an initial idea, capture feedback, organize roadmaps, and promote product launches from one platform.
  • Use IdeaPlan directly with engineering teams to drive a quick turnaround. Keep all teams involved in the customer feedback workflow.
  • Enable internal teams and customers with the tools and automation to stay up-to-date and in the know.

IdeaPlan enables teams to boost product team efficiency: 3x speed and deliver amazing products. Ditch the spreadsheets, Trello boards, and disconnected apps to organize customer feedback, product ideas, releases, and roadmaps. Amplify your product launches all from one unified platform.