About us

Build better products by surfacing valuable ideas.

We are a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in product management and operations. We deeply understand the challenges and obstacles that product teams face. We have used this knowledge and experience to build IdeaPlan, a comprehensive Product Experience Platform.

We built IdeaPlan to address the pain points we faced while working in large and small enterprise software companies. It's designed to help teams scale and grow their organization by creating efficiency, generating momentum, and creating impact based on customer needs. We're passionate about assisting teams in succeeding and are dedicated to providing the tools and resources they need to achieve goals and create significant value.

Our Product Experience Platform is the ultimate solution for product teams to succeed in creating value and solving problems for their customers. By providing tools for capturing customer insights, prioritizing ideas, planning roadmaps, and executing successful product launches, we empowers teams to deliver products that customers truly love.